Our Rates

Effective January 1, 2018

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Quarter Day
0-3 Hours

Half Day
3-5 Hours

Full Day
5-10 Hours

Extended Day
10-12 Hours

(6 weeks up to 18 months)





(18 months up to 36 months)





(36 months up to 72 months)





School Age
(must be in kindergarten)
(ages 5+ up to 12)






Registration Fee: $30 per child (non-refundable) for child care and preschool.

Materials Fee: $12/quarter/child for child care.  $25/year for preschool.

Minimum Charge Per Week: $100** per child (for all ages and you must pay this each week even when using vacation/sick days).

** School age weekly minimum rate during the school year will be paid $60 per child.


Additional Information

You will pay for the number of days that you contract schedule your child. Whatever schedule you turn in on your monthly calendar is your contracted time. You must indicate the hours that your child will be at the center on your calendars. For example, you cannot just mark each day with an "X."

If you are not able to fill out an entire month's schedule at a time, you MUST turn in a schedule every Monday for the following week. We have to schedule staff each week based on the number of children coming each day, so this is why this is EXTREMELY important.

You will pay for the time that your child is contract scheduled or how many hours your child is in attendance, whichever is greater. For example, if you sign your child up for 2 ½ hours, but they are here for 3 ½ hours, you will be charged the half day rate instead of the quarter day rate. Also, if you sign up for 5 hours and your child leaves after 2 hours, you will still pay for the half day rate because we schedule staff based on the times that you schedule your child.

If you need to add your child for an additional day, you may do so based on availability in the classroom.  However, you may not trade days for a missed day. For example, if your child is scheduled 4 days per week and your child is sick one of those days and you'd like to bring them on the 5th day, then you will pay for 5 days.

Additional Child Rate: There is a 10% discount for each additional sibling. The youngest child in each family will be charged the full rate. The exception to this is if an older child attends more days, then the older child will be charged the full rate and the younger child will receive the discounted rate.

Field Trip Fees: These fees will be charged for each field trip. The fees will be based on how much each trip costs, taking into consideration transportation, admission, and any other related charges. NOTE: Every child in attendance on a field trip day will go on the trip. For swimming trips, your child must have either a pass or punch card. There will be a permission form for swimming. Children must have a signed permission form in order to go to the pool. All field trip charges will be billed to your account.